About Us

In 2015, B2C Partners surveyed over 1,100 shoppers about how they shop in stores. We asked 15 questions to better understand what brick and mortar stores are doing well, and what they could do better. At the end of the survey, we asked the consumers to tell us about their last shopping experience. And almost 900 did. We analyzed the responses, parsed the data, and discovered the number one problem in stores today.

When store visitors need help, they often can’t find it.

Department stores. Sporting goods retailers. Pet supply stores. Hardware stores. Consumer electronics stores. And more. The message was clear. Simply asking to help when the consumer walks in the door is poor timing. When they need help, and can’t find it, they do not hesitate to lift their smartphone: to text a family member, or to visit the web site, or to check out Amazon.

So we set out to equip stores to address this problem, without clumsy technology getting in the way. We wanted to focus on making human connections. Our solution needed to intuitively equip shoppers to notify store associates using their own smartphone: alerting team members when they need help, and where in the store they can be found.

This solution had to ensure timely response. And it needed to set a countdown for a team member to personally and promptly attend to that shopper face-to-face. So after 2 years in development, we are proud to introduce Floorwatch. Our patent-pending system puts a geofence around each store location, to verify the shopper’s device is “on location.” Only team members in store can respond to requests.

Floorwatch requires no beacons. No complex integrations. No iPad deployments in store. It’s all in the cloud. A smartphone is all that’s needed for both shoppers and team members. And set up takes minutes.

At the end of each visit, the shopper is prompted to rate their store visit, and to submit comments that are available only to the administrator. All of this is captured in the dashboard for easy access, to download and review.

So check it out. Our trial is risk free.