Don’t Let Another Sale
Walk Out the Door

The sales associate is a store’s number one asset. But making sure team members are in the right place at the right moment to meet customer needs is a seemingly impossible challenge.

Until Now.

Floorwatch notifies team members instantly when a customer requests help, and then measures customer satisfaction with every store visit.

How does it work?

Geofence Locations

Our patent-pending technology allows retailers to intuitively place a geofence around store locations. The free app detects when customers and assigned team members are present during store hours, allowing them to connect.

Call/Flare for Help

When customers send up a flare for help from the Floorwatch app, team members are instantly notified on their device — and a countdown commences.

If no team member is logged in, visitors can still dial the store and rate their experience. Over 57,000 store locations support calls for help and rating visits.

Rate Store Visits

Within minutes, the app asks customers to rate their store visit. A dashboard provides administrators real-time data on every interaction.


Subscription includes your FIRST store location, PLUS:


+ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

+ Dashboard access to reports

+ $199/mo each extra location

+ 100 flares/month included

+ 25¢ for each additional flare

+ UNLIMITED calls for help

+ UNLIMITED team members

+ Import/export data via Excel