For Retailers

Equip your team members to come alongside shoppers the instant they want a store’s help. Then measure each customer’s satisfaction.

For Shoppers

Get the store’s attention when you need it most. Call for help in over 57,000 U.S. retail locations! ALSO, coming soon to hotels and restaurants.

Floorwatch ensures that store associates respond to customers FAST, the very moment your guests want help. And it measures satisfaction with each visit. Ignite the power of Floorwatch for your stores today! Perfect for hotels and restaurants, as well.

Call for Help is available at thousands of locations, including…

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How it works

RETAILERS who join Floorwatch use the online toolset to create geofences around their store locations; and invite associates to download the free app and validate their team member profile.

If shoppers enter the store (geofence), they can call for help at any time using the free Floorwatch app. When they do, team members assigned to that location are alerted to spring into action. Before leaving, customers who call for help are invited to rate their visit.

A dashboard reports real-time insight to the account administrator, to make the shopper’s next visit even better.

Experience Frustration-Free Shopping

We’ve all been there. You’re at a store and want some help before a purchase — but no associate is available. Ready for help? Send up a flare. Turn your phone into a virtual help button; and get attention FAST.